9 Things To Do For Email Marketing

According to Pat Flynn, one of the most influential online marketers, owners of businesses need to pay attention to the details of their marketing efforts. So, he gave some advice and a checklist on how best to handle your email marketing efforts. Here are 9 things that Pat suggest small businesses ask themselves when reviewing or creating their email marketing efforts.

  1. Put an Opt-in form on your most popular pages
    We choose which pages are your top views (we can do this through analytics).
  2. Make sure you use a two-step opt-in process
    Instead of showing an email and/or name field directly on your webpage, you instead show a button. When that button is pressed, a small pop-up box (or “lead box”) appears, which then asks for the visitor’s information.
  3. Have a custom “Please Confirm” and “Success”page
    Having additional calls to actions on this page could do you very well.
  4. Have a custom “Already Subscribed” page
    Another opportunity for a call-to-action.
  5. Your first email should be smart and effective
    The idea here is to blow the mind of your new subscriber. Creating an amazing first experience means your subscriber will look forward to more from you.
  6. Scannable Content and Isolated Links
    According to a guy smarter than me, 65% of emails are being read from a mobile device. Keep the content as scannable as possible. It will make it easier on the eyes, and people are more likely to get to the call-to-action.
  7. Remind people WHEN and WHY they subscribed
    This email is being sent to you because you subscribed to Juan Sidberry’s Diamonyx Design Newsletter at diamonyx.com.
  8. Welcome and encourage replies
    You want to encourage a two-way conversation with potential customers and clients. After all, it is a business, right? And businesses need customers and clients to serve.
  9. Get in contact with me so that we can discuss how to maximize your online marketing campaign.

I hope these tips help and empower you to go big, think differently and contact me to help you with your next online marketing efforts.