jsidberry-e1362246183952My name is Juan Sidberry, website (UX) designer, user-interface (UI) tester, and tech trainer & speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. I worked as a systems engineer for some great companies such as Cisco, DirecTV, and NDS Americas. And during that time, I have been designing and hosting websites, in fact, since 2002. I have a high proficiency in Fireworks & Photoshop, HTML & CSS, PHP & MySQL and WordPress, among other things.

In 2004, my focus changed from web design to building a hosting company which helped me strengthen my skills as a systems engineer. And then, in 2010, I saw the lack of attention being paid to websites of small businesses. Many business owners saw a huge benefit once they incorporated their website and the power of the Internet more into their traditional marketing as well as their online marketing. It was my job to help people connect-the-dots and show that an engaging and functional website would directly enhanced their revenue. (That’s code for making them more money!)

In 2011, I embraced the advancements of HTML5 & CSS3 and enhanced my coding abilities. By embraced the efficiency and empowerment of CMS platforms like Joomla and WordPress, I integrated these tools into my web designs for more functionality for my clients, lowering their costs and increasing the marketability of their businesses.

My love for web design continues. My love for helping people enhance their business revenue continues. I’m hugely passionate about helping people connect-the-dots. If you want to learn more about my process, head over to my blog where I post various theories, thoughts, inspirations and tutorials.

~ Juan