Interesting Excerpts from 22-April-2015

Here are some interesting excerpts from industry publications on this day 22-APR-2015.

streaming-technology“To ensure optimal user experiences and productivity, IT needs real-time visibility into how mobile devices, apps and networks are functioning. If a mobile app is misconfigured or out of compliance, automated systems should alert admins about it right away.  For troubleshooting, IT needs tools that let them quickly find and fix root causes of any performance slowdowns so they can eradicate them for good.” – CIO

“You are doing over the top (OTT) already if you stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Fire TV Stick, Slingbox, ellentube, the recently launched HBO Now and, of course, YouTube. These are just a few examples. OTT content is anything that reaches you, the TV consumer, without being mediated by an operator—a broadcast or cable network provider. Most new TVs today are ‘smart,’ Internet-enabled with apps from Netflix, Hulu and several others bundled in. PlayStation, Wii U and most Blu-ray players also can facilitate OTT.” – eWEEK

“The number of multiscreen devices used within each household worldwide has reached the highest point yet, averaging two devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, per three-person home. And they’re present in 28 percent of households across the globe, according to a new study released by Conviva.” – FierceOnlineVideo

“Simon Trudelle: Indeed, we’re planning a strong presence showcasing our portfolio of solutions for the connected TV space – that includes our OpenTV 5 HTML5 connectware solution, our MediaLive suite of multiscreen products and our anyCAST content protection. All have a very strong focus on connected entertainment and how it’s driving innovation in the pay-TV space. I would say the biggest change or movement we’ve seen since last year is the increasing “cloudification” or “virtualization” of pay-TV.’” – IP&TV News