Stop Doing What You Hate!

Portrait of a young businessman cryingMany of today’s online marketing professionals and thought-leaders have been motivated and inspired by many pioneers in the late-2000s (2005-2010). One person of inspiration is Gary Vaynerchuk. Much of his message came from a talk he had at Web 2.0 Expo in 2008. I pulled out a few very important and inspiring nuggets from his talk and listed them here. My hope is that this inspires you in marketing your business online.

  1. Stop Doing What You Hate! Do what you love to do. Ask yourself: what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life?
  2. Care about your users/visitors/customers.
  3. Hustle is the most important word, ever. This means if you are going to do it, then do it! Dive in. What about having the time? Well work your 9-5, spend time with family, and then do damage 8p- 2a.
  4. Have a business model. Building user-lists and flipping them is not a business model.
  5. Have a Freemium. Give something of value away for free. EBooks are great starters.
  6. Legacy is better than currency. This means build something that means something and not just worth something. If you build a business that represents you and gives you a legacy, then that is worth more that the business itself. See personal branding. Represent your product 100%. This is about branding. Build brand equity in yourself.
  7. Get out and network and be completely transparent. This will draw more people to you than anything else. When people see you as authentic and somewhat approachable, then you can get it done much more efficiently. And, whatever you do, don’t copy (although borrowing is OK, just give it back.)
  8. Use the tools! All of them! You will see and hear me say this all the time. Blogs, Posts, Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Email, newsletters, videos, ebooks, social media, business cards, flyers, billboards, posters, apps. Caution, not all tools are appropriate for your goals and efforts, so be very disciplined in what you use and make sure it is working within your marketing campaign.
  9. Get a Niche! This should be up there with #4. But I figure you need to try a few things before you get an idea. So, while you are going through the rest of the list, this will give you time to figure out and choose a niche to serve.
  10. All of this is about positioning yourself to succeed.

I am sure to have more posts in the future that go into detail on many of these nuggets.