The 5-Step Web Design Process

Those who know me know that I am very systematic in my approach to almost everything, even being creative. I use the following process on almost every project. Although the teams I worked with as a systems engineer at Cisco, DirecTV, and NDS Americas used this same exact process on all their projects, I am lifting these steps from an article written by Mike Locke. He is a mentor to me, although he does not know that. Mike is a Web Designer and is one of the people who inspires me in what I do in my web design efforts.

So, below is the 5-Step web design process that I follow. I following this process on every project.

Step 1: The Kick-Off (1 Day)
– Discuss the project and business goals
– Discuss design direction
– Gather all business requirements
Step 2: Research (1-2 Weeks)
– Design Inspiration
– Market Research
– Competitive Analysis
Step 3: Design (1-3 Weeks)
– Create wire-frames
– Produce a full-color mock-up
– Begin reviewing frameworks
Step 4: Development (1-2 Weeks)
– Produce full-working XHTML/CSS prototypes
– Develop and code using SEO concepts
– Cross-check across all popular browsers
Step 5: Test, Launch and Monitor (3 Weeks)
– Complete full testing and QA
– Cross-check across all popular browsers
– Monitor website for several days after launch