Who I Am Is Greater Than Where I Am

I heard a talk by Dr. Sam Chand who had a powerful statement: Where I am is not who I am, because who I am is greater than where I am. Once you get that in your life you will never let the where-you-are affect the who-you-are.

In terms of your business (small, medium, home-based, it does not matter) you can embrace this concept. You may say, I don’t have a website so I cannot reach enough people (the where-you-are), but I have a great product or service that people want if they knew about it (the who-you-are). Or maybe you already have a website and you are not quite sure if it is an asset and benefit or just a monthly bill.

Well, change the WHERE you are with your website and make it more about WHO you are. That website should be a revenue generating asset, and should reflect the best of you and your business. In most cases it can be passive and in others more active, for example, in an aggressive online marketing campaign.

I truly believe this because I have lived it. If you reflect on your life, you will see evidence of the same. You have overcome and come through some tough stuff because you became greater than where you were.

The next time you are down and feel like you are in the dumpster, remember that it is not where you are that matters, it is who you are. Who you are will dictate what you do about the situation. Who you are is greater than where you are. If you are down and out and remain down and out then that might be a reflection of who you are. If you want to change where you are you must change who you are. The who must become a greater person, a greater being, have a greater purpose, have a greater meaning in life.

Where I am is not who I am, because who I am is greater than where I am.